Spirit Orbs

      Spirit orbs (also known as ghost orbs, soul orbs, or angel orbs) are spirits that appear as tiny balls of colored light. They can be seen at random in many photos taken with flash, and they are rarely seen with the naked eye. They are often seen in places such as basements, forests, abandoned buildings, and any place where a death has occurred. They often serve as some kind of signal or protection to humans. The message being delivered depends on the orb's color.

Orb color meanings:

      White: heavenly energy, offering protection
      Blue: symbol of truth, offering calming energy
      Green: symbol of love, offering healing energy
      Red: symbol of strength, offering courage
      Orange: symbol of the future, offering guidance
      Purple: symbol of knowledge, offering information; may be willing to communicate with you
      Lavender: symbol of youth, offering creativity
      Yellow: symbol of happiness, offering joyful energy
      Black: grief and trauma; if seen, leave the area immediately
      Gray or Brown: fear and panic; if seen, leave the area imemediately

      It is possible, but very difficult to directly communicate with orbs. Most orbs will run off or disappear upon being approached, if you can even see them in the first place. If you are to communicate with an orb, be prepared to ask only important questions, and be willing to bare your heart and mind open for them to see. In my experience, informant (purple) orbs are the most willing to communicate. You do not need a ouija board or anything of the sort. You only need patience and an infinite amount of respect for the orb you speak to. Do not go seeking for an orb for the sole purpose of communicating with it. Let it come to you. Then, you simply ask "May I speak with you?" The orb will drift towards or away from you, or it may disappear entirely. If it does not move towards you, do not press further. Let it go. Be aware that orbs do not communicate in words, only in feelings via energy, but you will still be able to understand any information it gives you.

      It is very easy to mistake a dust particle for a spirit orb in a picture, but it is easy to identify them with practice. Spirit orbs are more opaque than dust, and they do not often appear with many others around them. Dust can form in all sorts of shapes, cluster with however much dust it wants to, and it is very easy to see through. Here is a visual comparison for reference (from CallSIGHT):


      This section is for others to share their encounters with orbs. If you would like to share an encounter, please send yours to punkfemmefashion@gmail.com.

      Orel is the only orb that has ever spoken to me. It is a dark purple informant who came accompanied by a few peach orbs to offer me protection during a difficult time in my life. Orel is not its true name, only an alias that it told me I can call it. It translates to "God's Light." It offered me a few words of comfort, an explanation as to why they had arrived, and a bit of advice on how to remove myself from the situation. It comes back every so often, but it has not spoken to me since. I assume it's just checking up on me whenever it passes through.