In order to fully understand the way Dreamworld works, it is essential to be familiar with the multiverse theory. This theory proposes that every small choice that is made by every human, animal, and spirit alike generates another parallel universe in which a different timeline exists where a different choice was made. For example, there is a timeline where you never went to this page and read any of this. There is a timeline in which I put on shorts instead of skinny jeans this morning, and there is a timeline in which my cat decided to keep laying down for five more minutes before getting up to eat. Each of these timelines exist and continue moving forward in an infinite amount of universes.

      This theory is what makes Dreamworld possible. It exists in a universe where the Big Bang did not create planets and stars that we have today, but instead generated a single, infinite space where timelines from other universes cross through. The only life forms are spirits in their purest form of vibrational energy. These spirits wander through the infinite space and along the edges of timelines to see into them. It is possible to wander too far into a timeline and become stuck in it until your body lets your spirit free again.

      There are no human words to accurately describe how this world looks. It is very abstract because the laws of time and physics do not exist there; the space is infinite in every single direction and continues to grow as each multiverse is generated. The best way to describe it is by imagining bits and pieces of Earth, shoved together in unlikely arrangements, such as an oak tree growing on top of an iceberg next to a desert. These visuals do not exist in the world itself, but rather in the visible timelines running through.

      There is no structured society or language here. All ideas and feelings are communicated via vibrational energy and all beings exist equally with each other.

      This page will later be updated with more information if I remember anything else. I am still learning about this and exploring it, it is relatively new to me.

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