An angel is a multidimensional being, created with the purpose of benefitting humanity and the spiritual universe. Each religion has its different view on angels, their hierarchies, and visual appearances, but all agree that angels are powerful beings that serve their god. All angels are given a name and a number that is used to communicate with humans, to send a message of support to those willing to listen. Many angels have been sent to Earth to work directly with humanity, while others have been sent to live as humans to atone for their mistakes, instead of being cast out forever with no chance to learn.

      It is not possible for angels to stay inside a human body without a massive reduction in their power and memories. The body would not be able to handle the energy and would simply disintegrate. Many angels can recall their memories somewhat from their time before being sent to Earth, but it is often difficult to recall any because of the limitations of the human brain. Angels often have phantom pains from their astral limbs being missing, and vivid dreams containing past life memories.

      It is a common misconception that angels are infalliable and all powerful beings, but the truth of the matter is that angels make many mistakes despite their power, though they are far fewer than the mistakes humans make. They have loyalties and sympathies just as humans do, and are so inclined to act on them. Not all angels are nice and helpful - many were created to wreak havoc on the Earth if their god willed it, and others were created to fight massive wars against spiritual evil. Guardian and healing angels are the type shown to exhibit the most kindness as it is the purpose of their creation. They watch over thousands at a time with grace and ease. These guardians and healing angels are the most likely to be sighted, as they appear to the humans who need them the most. During an appearance, they will take on a temporary human-like form, so as to not frighten the human, who would not be able to comprehend the full form of an angel.

      If you have ever felt that you may be an angel, it is entirely possible that you are one currently or have been one before, in a past life or another universe. If you remember your angel name, do NOT use it as your own name or speak of it to anyone. The name of an angel is the name of its true soul. Anyone who knows your true name would be able to forcefully summon you at any time. This name is to only be used by your god and your fellow angels. If you would like to be more connected to your angel identity, try using a name similar to the meaning of your angel number. To learn more about angel numbers and their meanings, please see Sacred Scribes. There are many other sites that interpret angel numbers, but this is the one I have found to be the most inclusive and accurate. Additionally, here is an in-depth analysis of 555, kindly sent to me by a reader.


      This section is for other angels to share their memories. There may be sensitive content in these stories, so proceed with caution. I will give individual content warnings for each story. If you would like to share a memory, please send yours to Make sure to title it "Angel Memory [angel number]" so that I know what it's for! If you do not know your angel number, just say "unknown."

Memory 147
      I am a guardian, not a healer. I have had to sit by and watch this man battle cancer for twenty two years, with his boyfriend sitting next to him, spending nights in the hard chair at his bedside, almost as powerless as me. I could only influence the decisions of the doctors taking care of him and managed to make them continue his treatment instead of discharging him to die. I do not remember it in detail, but I do know that it happened.
      Forty years later, he is strong and healthy again. He sits on a park bench with his husband and a dog on a quiet summer day. They sit and enjoy the cool breeze, smiling softly, knowing they have the rest of their lives to be together and finally be at peace after such a long and painful battle. The dog gets excited at another dog walking past, and the two of them chuckle and let him run off to play. I am filled with warmth and infinite gratitude that they have been able to make it this far and carve out such a beautiful life with each other. My job is hard and is filled with grief and pain, but it will always be worth it for the moments like these.

Memory [unknown]
      i had a dream last night that i was ripped into pieces, a snarling and feral mess of feathers and wounds. i felt my remains pulsating with an unbearable pain. i wasn't alive, but i wasn't dead. not yet. just trapped in the unknowable singularity of the future, the present, and the past. everything in the universe had led up to this moment, and the weight of it was crushing me. what have i done? i don't know. i am punished, and i am broken. i failed god. i woke up with the pins-and-needles feeling all over my body. i know that i failed all of humanity.