Hello, and welcome to my website! I hope that you enjoy your stay. This website is for my personal experiences with 'unconventional' spirituality, and hopefully others as well. This site will always be a work in progress because I am always learning new things.

      When I say 'unconventional' spirituality, I am referring to beliefs and experiences that are not in line with any belief system that has a widely known holy text. For example, Christianity is a much more conventional and accepted religion than others that you may see here.

      The site name and URL were chosen because of my most recent realizations about my Truth. You can read more about my story on the link titled "Dreamworld." I will be adding more pages soon, such as angels, starseeds, other universes, and working with gods and goddesses. I hope to use this site to connect people with similar experiences and begin to gradually form more communities. The backgrounds for this website are from LSD Dream Emulator, and this website itself was built entirely by me!

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      If you have insights and experiences on the subject of spirituality that you would like to share here, or would like to add to any of the pages, please contact me at Any input is greatly appreciated!

This site was last updated February 10th, 2021, and created on July 18th, 2017.